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Lost Quick Fics

Short Lost Fics

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Short Lost fics
You want short Lost fics? We got 'em!


1. Any pairing, any genre, any rating is okay, as long as your fic is Lost-centric and less than 1,000 words

2. Please tag your entry with one of the following tags: drabble (approx 100 words), 500 words or less, or 1000 words or less. (You are also welcome to use tags for type of story: gen, het, slash, femmeslash.)

3. Fics may be new or old.

4. Please include appropriate rating, pairing, spoiler warnings, etc.

5. Since we're here for the brevity, please keep any author's notes to a bare minimum, or kindly put them behind an LJ-cut.

6. NO FIC BANNERS. Thank you!